Addiction Recovery Program


Sober Independent Living

The addiction recovery program at Steps House, Inc. is one of the nation’s finest and most successful. We’ve been helping people conquer their addictions and go on to live independent, useful, and responsible lives. Our success is built on our love and compassion for our patients, and the disciplined structure of the programs. Our patients go through a step-based process aimed at curing their addiction and giving them the tools they need to stay sober and go on to successful and responsible independent living. Through instilling life skills, self-discipline, and personal responsibility, we work to ensure long-term sobriety and success. The end goal is always sober independent living. Our programs are for recovery, long-term recovery management, residential and veterans housing. Since 1991, we’ve provided a beacon of hope for people wanting to change their lives for the better through overcoming addiction. We serve the local community including, among others, Sevierville, Maryville, Morristown, and the rest of the Oak Ridge, TN. When you’re ready for a positive change, call us to schedule an interview! 

Steps House Inc. is dedicated to getting you on the path to long-term recovery and independence. We work with you on many levels to prepare you for a sober, independent, and productive life. Our addiction recovery program is one of the best available anywhere. Our success rate is high. You get the opportunity to work with us to get your life back along with the self-respect and good life you deserve. We work for sobriety and sober independent living. 

Take the first step towards a new life by calling us and making an appointment today! We’re available to you Monday through Friday. Our office hours are between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.


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