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For people in the Morristown, TN area who are ready to end their alcohol and drug addiction problems, Steps House Inc. is the beacon of life that will help you weather the storm. We’ve helped people overcome addiction and go on to live healthy, sober, and productive lives since 1991. With us, you’ll not only find shelter and compassion, but you’ll also find the discipline and responsibility you need to turn your life around in a positive way. Living together with others who are also struggling to get control of their lives allows you to help each other through this difficult time and understand that you are not alone in your quest for sobriety. Our highly structured recovery program prepares you for successful, sober living through teaching life skills and helping you to become financially responsible. Sobriety is more than just getting sober; it’s learning the skills that will enable you to remain sober and lead a productive life. If you’ve wanted to find an ‘AA program near me’, we can give you what you need. Our location is nearby and a short ride away from Sevierville, Maryville, Oak Ridge, and the Morristown, TN vicinity. We offer the ‘12 step program near me’ that will bring you ultimate sobriety and independence. 

Alcoholics Anonymous has helped millions of people to stay sober over the years. If you are looking for an ‘AA program near me’ in the local area, give us a call at Steps House Inc. We operate an outstanding program that has long-term sobriety as its end goal. Those who want an ‘effective 12 step programs near me’ should contact us as soon as possible!

We work with you to get you sober and on your way to a sober and independent life. If you believe it’s time to turn your life around, we’re here for you. Contact us Monday through Friday between 9 am and 5 pm. Visit our website for contact, location, and more information about the programs we offer. It’s at www.steps-house.com.